Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You can see that the two last posts I've made, were two songs.
The reason I've posted these musics, it's because I think that when you don't know how to express your self, music speaks for you.
Nowadays, there're thousands of musics that pass a great message to us, and make us think about it.
For every moment in our lives, there's a song that can describe that moment.
We have sad song, funny songs, emotional songs... And you can be sure that YOU have a specific song for every moment you passed.
When I wanna share a feeling with you guys, I come here and I share it, or I can just go to my piano, and play a song that makes me feel better, or I just listen to my iPod. Guess you do the same, don't you? =)
So... when words fail, music speaks.
And whenever possible, I'll be sharing a song with you, guys.


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