Sunday, April 24, 2011


Nowadays is hard to see a teenager, reading a book. Instead of reading a book, we watch the movie. But if you stop and think just for a moment. Reading a book is so good. You can feel it. Taking just 20 minutes to read just a few pages of a book it's such an amazing thing, and this 20 minutes will turn into 1 hour. 
Reading a book in the internet, is horrible, 'cause you're going to stop reading and you'll check your Facebook, twitter, etc. So just try to read any book. Let one book beside your bed so that you can read just a little every night or whenever it's possible. 
The book that I'm reading in the moment, is this one: 
"Looking for Alaska" by John Green.

It's a very good book, and I'm loving to read it.
Harry Potter it's very good too. =)
Why don't you try any book???


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