Sunday, May 29, 2011

With a little help from my friends...

I'm sad. I'm tired. I'm tired of these feeling that I don't know what I'm really feeling. 
I feel that I don't have any friend by my side to support me in my relationship with this guy. I feel that nobody understands that I'm happy to be with him.
Nobody can understand what I'm feeling, 'cause I don't know too. 
My parents don't know the real reason of why I gave up on dancing. I felt fat, I felt that I was a horrible dancer, and nobody was there to help me overcome these. My mom and dad didn't even know that I was doing a solo in ballet. 
All I needed in that moment was a friend, but NOBODY was there. 
I couldn't count on anybody. I was alone. And I steel feel that I'm alone. 
" I get by with a little help form my friends..." - The Beatles. 
I think I can overcome this alone...with a friend...whatever.

Love, ♥


  1. Yes u can! Darling, I'm here for what u want! I'm hearing u! I can help u if u want! If u were in a solo was cuz' u really are in a good physical form! PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! - " Just don't give up I'm working it out
    Please don't give in, I won't let you down" - Adam Lambert singing Whataya want from me! I'm always asking me what the people want from me. And I do the best of me to realize if it was a good ask! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME HONEY! Good luck, you're a excellente writer!

  2. thanks you!!! it was just a moment in my life, i overcame it! thanks for the support.

  3. You're welcome and of course is just a moment ;) xoxo