Thursday, February 10, 2011


You can say you hate having a sister. You can say she's the worst sister ever. You can say everything bad about your sister. This happens more, when you have a younger sister, or sometimes you have a older sister. But you wanna know what you young sister really want? She wants your attention, she wants to be just like you. You are her example. She inspires her self in you.
You can tell you have 1000 best friends. But you can be sure, the first one, is you sister.
She's gonna be by your side, all time. And when you need her, she'll be there.
I have a sister. I fight with her. I yell with her. It's normal. But after all this thing, I start crying. Because she starts crying. And I know that all she wants, is be with you. Don't treat her like she was nothing or nobody important to you. Because she is your sister, and she LOVES you.
I LOVE my sister. I really do. And she's younger than me. So I try/have to be her example.
So... LOVE your sister to. Hug her. Kiss her. Gossip with her. Tell her your secrets. Give her all the attention you can.
One day, you'll see, how she's very important to you.


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